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how to act around bullies

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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Default girl
Im in first year and im friends with most people but theres this one girl called lauren who was like jealous of me or something. she always called me names like ##### and ####### and stuff and she pushed my bag away from me once and smirked at me like she knew she was better then me and i couldnt react. then my school did a football blitz for first years and my team won. we got pizza and i had to finish my slice in the first year resource area. people asked me for some and i said no and they went away. most people know i dont share my food. lauren asked and i said no. but she followed me. she asked again and i said no again. she then said if you dont give me some i'm going to call you fat tori forever. she then started chanting that. it was mean because i have a weight issue. im really skinny and ive been anorexic and im pretty sure i mentioned that near her. i told her to go away and i went into a corner. she backed off then followed me. her friends came to but that wasn't intimadating because im friends with them because there so nice. she kept smirking and smiling at me and then she lunged forwards and wacked the pizza into my face. i was tacking a bite out of it then so my head wacked into the wall. it hurt and i kinda felt like crying. i then said to her, #### off lauren just #### off and leave me alone. she smirked and held her hand infront of friends and said ohh back off guys toris getting mad. i nearly burst into tears when her and my friends looked at me like wow and backed off. i raced into the bathroom then and found my friends who supported me and one of my friends was going to hite her. after that whenever lauren came near me id run in the complete oppisite direction. people started to notice and they kinda laughed but lauren didnt like it. i wasnt trying to bully her i was only trying to avoid another situation with her. then two weeks later after the pizza incident we were waiting outside the business class and lauren was like what have done wrong and things like that. i ignored her and she said real mature tori real mature. then after  a while people started to stare because im not normally like that. lauren was getting kinda piesed off then. i got sick of her i havent done anything what your problem. so  decided to let her have it. i told her your always so horrible to me. she looked confused and cross and then she started crying. it had to be fake crying because people were looking interested and worriedly at me. then she was like what have i done i dont get it. then i was kinda uncomfortable because fake or real tears i dont like makeing people cry. i always feel bad. when i was trying to figure out how best to put what she did into words peoplegot cross with me except my friend who was laughing in a corner. she had been enjoying it all. then everyone started telling lauren how nice she was and then one of my supposed to be friends said god tori your such a #####. i felt really bad because that wasnt how i had wanted it to go. i avoided her and tried to keep away from her. then a few weeks ago she started telling me how rude and mean my sister was to my face. to top it off it was my eleven year old sister she was having a go at. i dont get her. does she have no boundaries. the main reason im saying all this is because i want to know was i to harsh and judgy or something and how do i react around her next september. by the way the two of us werent friends or cloe friends or anything. we never had a thing of being mean to each other. please give me your thoughts and advice i'm so stuck!!

Posted almost 5 years ago

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Bullies.Pain aren't they.Ok so my advice is very simple,if she comes up to you,walk away or tell her to bug off.If she dosent do so,tell a teacher and your parents.They should be able to deal with it,and most likely after school detention or suspension for her.I do understand if you feel embarrassed if you went to the teacher/parents,so ask them to keep it anonymous so no-one knows.That should do the trick,but if anymore problems occur please let me know.Ive had 5 years bullying experience so I know exactly what to do,and on top of that my parents and teachers did nothing to help.Hope I helped


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