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Types of Bullying and How to Deal with it.

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Can I just start this post by saying:
Bullying is a cruel and disgusting act. Bullying scars people emotionally and mentally. 

Bullying comes in all shapes and forms.
Cyber Bullying, Verbal Abuse, Physical Abuse, and Emotional Abuse, and many more.
Bullying rates are sky high at the moment because of mobile phones, internet, computers, etc. It's now easier to communicate with people. Prevent this from happening.
If someone is bothering you, keep your privacy settings high, and block them. Tell someone i you think you're getting bullied. A friend who's close to you, an adult, a teacher, or a sibling. 

Types of Bullying.

Emotional Bullying.
Emotional bullying is quite common. A lot of the time, people don't recognize this as 'bullying'. Emotional Bullying (or Emotional Abuse), is when a person or group of people exclude a person or people. Not saying anything. But still hurting another's feelings knowingly. There are many scenarios people can bully someone emotionally. Intimidation or mocking is also categorized there too.

Verbal Abuse.
Verbal abuse is EXTREMELY common, especially in girls. Verbal abuse is when a person or group of people harass, insult, annoy, and mock others. It's extremely catty between girls, but with boys, not so much. Verbal abuse can be complex. Shouting is also included in verbal abuse. But I guess that's why it's called VERBAL abuse.

Physical Abuse.
Physical Abuse is one of the most dangerous and serious types of bullying. It's when one person or a group of people physically hurt someone, by punching, slapping, hitting, etc. Unlike the others, it not only affects your mental health, but your physical stability. It's common in most genders. You might only associate it with boys, but girls do it too.


Bullying not only affects children and teens. It affects adults, too.
Adults can be bullied too. Just because they are older and able to defend themselves, it doesn't mean they can't get hurt.

Bullying, if not told about, can lead to serious consequences. Suicide, self harm, eating disorders, and even your friends and people around you can be upset about it.

No matter who you are and what you've done, it NEVER hurts to tell.

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c; thank you

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Great thread!  This must get be stickied!  

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:3 Thanks

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Thanks, this helps

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