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October, 2013
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Let say this you have a best friend. She is your Best Friend in the whole wide world, but your best friend has OTHER best friends. Usually you would get mad or jealous. You should try doing wanna of these!
                                          1. you should try making friends with her or his best friends.
                                           2. tell your BFF how you feel about her new friends.
                                             3. Try making other new friends if this makes you happier.

If you pick number one, try planning a sleepover or something so you can start bonding.
if you pick number two, try explain how you feel, but remember these are your BFF's friends if she wants to be friends with them, You should be the BIGGER person it let it happen. smile

love lexi

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June, 2013
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In third grade, I was probably a third wheel. I had a friend that I don't really like now. Good thing she doesn't go to the school any more. She would play with another friend and then now I get more friends. Yay!


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