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OK this will be really difficult 2 explain in full sentences so I will do it in number points:

1. I went to my friend's house
2. We decided to ring our kind - of - friend, K.M
3. We have no idea why, but we refused to give our names. It was obvious there was somebody  there   with her.
4. We hung up but they started to ring and text, demanding our names
5. We got worried and said leave us alone. They refused.
6. We tried to forget about it, and leaving my friend's phone, we went and saw another friend together
7. They rang us back just when we had left the other friend and were going to go inside.
8. Britney, the friend of K.M, said she had rung da police!
9. They wouldn't leave us alone and said we had to give our address. We refused and felt sick and shaky and  weepy.
10. Britney's 'mum' rang up and said she'd rung da police. Then they stopped. We watched TV.
11. Eventually, (my best friend's advice) the next day, I spoke to my teacher, Mrs L and she said that her 'mum' would have been her big sis and the police would have told them to go away and Britney might be expelled.
12. Then my friend remembered how evil Britney was.
The point is, I'm terrified to go near Britney, but she likes my best friend and I can't abandon Chloe!
Also, I don't want to be slapped! What should I do?

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If you do not feel comfortable around Britney, don't associate with her. You don't have to be friends with all of your friends friends, and likewise they don't have to be friends with all of yours. 

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