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My friends dont want me to move

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Posted over 12 years ago

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Well my parents told me five days ago that we would most likely have to move in the next few months. Well anyway, I told my friends this and they were angry/sad. One of my friends even cried. I dont want to move and my friends dont want me to move but idk how to stop my parents from moving what should i do?!?!?!?

Posted over 12 years ago

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Default girl
That happened to me too. My best friend cried her eyes out like everyday. And I did too. The truth is, I figured out I couldn''t do anything to stop my parents from moving. But there''s always a light at the end of the tunnel. We always, always, always talk. I can''t see them because I move to a different country, but if you''re moving to like another state then you could see you friends sometime. But we are still the bestest friends in the whole world. Just remember to keep in touch, it''s very important.

You could ask you parents their reason for moving and if you can see a different solution to the problem then tell them. If there''s no better solution then you''ll have to accept it. It was very hard for me, I''ve known my best friends for my entire life, since I was in diapers lol. But we still talk, and like I said before, we''re best friends. I made new friends but that doesn''t mean I forgot about my other friends! So look it at it this way: You''ll have two kinds of friends, the new ones you make in you''re new ''home'' and your old ones that will always be in your heart no matter the distance!

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