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Posted almost 13 years ago

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Yes pplz i have aproblem I like my best friend and I want to tell him before this other gurl gets to him. Im afraid that if I tell him I will never be able to look at him again. And this other chick is coming QUICK HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like him plz before it is to late

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Posted almost 13 years ago

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i had the same prob in 6th grade (im going in eighth now). but just a little bit different. he wasnt exacly my best friend, just a friend at the time. anyway, the word got out that i really liked him, then he knew, and i think he had already liked me, so all was well with the world. but after a while, he started liking a different grl, and started saying that i was stalking him (which i kinda was..). so he didnt like me then, but i missed him,it was akward then, and so i kept on trying to appoligize. it sorta worked i guess, but things werent the same. he still likes that grl, and im okay with it now, i guess. hes going to a different school this upcoming year, and i suppose it will be partly because of me, but i am happy to say that its not akward anymore, and although i was never that close to him, and am still not, i intend to tell him im sorry and hug him the very next time i see him(which will probably be high school).

so id say that if ya want the chance go for it, but things might not be exacly the same between u guys if u ask him out and it turns out he doezsnt like u. but then again, it might bew better than ever. or if u want, u can just wait for him and when his relationship between him and this girl ends(if it even starts) u can be there for him to cry on. it ur choice.


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follow ur heart, it''ll lead the way.

The young man sat alone on the bus and most of the time stared out the window. "I've been in prison for two years. I just got out this morning and I'm going home," he said. He told her,"If they had forgiven him and wanted him to come back home, they could tie a white ribbon on the old apple tree that stood in the front yard. And if they had not, he would stay on the bus, leave town and be out of their lives forever. After hearing the man's story, she gently touched the young man's shoulder and choking back tears said, "Look! Oh look! The whole tree is covered with white ribbons." This is my favorite story, called the signal, by alice gray.

there r some things that were not meant to b so u just gotta except that.
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Posted almost 13 years ago

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Yup. I totally agree. If you want to go for it than go for it. It might work out, and he will have feelings for you too, or it might not and he will go out with the other girl. But you arent going to get anywhere if you dont try.

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Posted almost 13 years ago

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My advice is:

If you feel confident enough, tell him you like him. And ask him if he likes you too. If he says Yes, you should be happy. Totally start telling people! You'll be a total hit! If No, it's probably becuase he feels that you two were just meant to be friends. Thats it. Nothing more. Either way, you should be happy. Even if he does say no, you should be happy to still have a great friend.


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Posted almost 13 years ago

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its tough i know ive been through that have to chose between friendship or love follow whats in your heart NOT your head

hope i helped

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Posted almost 13 years ago

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if its to hard to say have some one els tell him for you and then it will be out the way

hey people

Posted almost 13 years ago

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It''s ok. if ur too scared to tell him, ask someone else to tell him and ask if u and him wanna go out. i''m in the same situation.


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Posted over 5 years ago

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dont worry. send an anonomus note to hime

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