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Highschool vs mom

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June, 2012
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Okay heres the deal, my mom wants me to go to a specialized highschool. With a gpa of 93% i could possibly get into a specialized highschool but not the one i want to go to!!!!! I want to go to Laguardia in Manhattan so i get to show off my talent and my knowledge but no!!! My mom wants me to go to Brooklyn Tech! What's so special about Brooklyn Tech, I don't understand!! I am even thinking about Julie Arts and Talented Unlimited. But my opinions are not important for her and it sucks. Now i am thinking about dropping high school. IDK waht the right decision is but if she let me pick then i will know for show but if she doesn't what should i do????? She wants me to get a good education but i want to too but i also want to express my talent!!!! Hey you never know i might be on America's got talent!


Highschool vs mom

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December, 2009
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You need to have a serious talk with her, sit down with her and tell her what you want, and why you want it, but be mature, don't moan and keep calm. In the end, it's your future that it's going to affect and you need to make her realise that. 

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