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So.School starts thursday,im really nervse for being in middle school but on top of the that I dont want to see any body cause ill get picked on.And i wouuld be ok wit hgoing to middle school and seeing my friends but if people pick on my my best friend starts picking on me too.should i diss her.Should i show her how it feels.i cant tell her how it feels cause shes a spoiled brat and thinks shes popular what do i do.

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Don't bother dissing her,it's only going to cause confusion with you two.Just don't be friend's with her if she's picking on

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If you don't want to be with your best friend anymore. Just leave. Don't tell her about it because she will just get angry. Leave. That's all I am saying. Have you got lots of other friends? If so, then try and make besties with them.. If not then just try and make some more friends. smile Good luck! Soph. x 

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