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Reccomended games for the DS and Wii.

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Posted over 5 years ago

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Hi dudes.
So over Christmas, I got a lot of games for the Wii and DS. So I've decided to do a guide on the best ones for them.

5. Lego Harry Potter Wii
As a person who obsesses over Harry Potter, this game is brilliant. You can learn loads of spells, explore Hogwarts, play Quidditch and battle Voldemort! You can make Poly-juice potion and turn into different characters, and go into Hogs mead. Up to 4 players can play, seeing as it's on the Wii. It's not much fun on the DS, but brilliant on the Wii.

4. Phoenix Wright DS
This game has a lot of puzzles, but in a really interesting way. In this game, you're a lawyer and you do crime cases. You find evidence and defend the innocent, and you find different characters along the way.

3. Mario and Sonic Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Wii
This game is super-fun. You can play all different types of Olympic sports with different characters from Mario and Sonic. Each character has different strengths, and are suited to particular sports. Again, up to 4 players can play. From Gymnastics to Swimming, this game is for everyone.

2. Mario Kart Wii
I know nearly everyone has this game, but this is for the people who don't. Mario Kart Wii is completely different from the DS version. It has tougher challenges, faster cars, different tracks and multiple people can play. Also, you can do battles, normal racing or try and unlock tracks.

1. Art Academy DS
This game is for everyone. You don't have to be good at drawing for this. You can get lessons, free paint, and experiment with colors, paint, pencils and strokes. You can learn about pencil types, shading and much more. 

I hope you enjoyed this thread, and most of all I hope it helps you all!

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