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The Outsiders

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Posted about 4 years ago

(This is based on the movie and book)
In the small town Tulsa, Oklahoma, lies The Outsiders. It is separated in half with the rich, high class Socials to the west and poor, more wild Greasers to the east. What will happen when the two completely different groups of teens collide? Will they obey how things have always been and despise everyone who isn't one from their own clan? It's all up to you.

Greaser or Social

Ask to join
You must have seen the movie or read the book
Make 1 boy and 1 girl and please make a greaser and social to make it even.
Use "These" when your character is speaking and use (These) When your speaking out of character
No Mary-sues
No Pregnancy story lines
No dying
Have fun. That's the whole point of this roleplay smile

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NotTheNextAnyone_2249281 Lock
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September 2012

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Posted about 4 years ago
(OMG OMG OMG! I love you for making this! May I join?)
Name: Charlotte (Charlie) Curtis
Age: 16
Greaser or Soc: Greaser
Personality: Charlie is a little tough around the edges because in order to survive as a Greaser you kind of need a wall built up around you. Inside though, she's as vulnerable as any other 16 year old girl. She has a passion for music and sunsets. She loves to cause problems for the Socs, and is not looking for the battle between the two classes to end.
Bio: At first, Autumn's family life was normal. She was an only child with two happily married parents. Everything seemed great, until the year Autumn turned 9. Her mother past away from cancer, and her father then fell into a spiral of depression. After her father's 4th suicide attempt ended in failure, Autumn was sent to her grandparents while her father sorted himself out. She tried to do her best to impress them, but they wouldn't budge. This is why she has become the "wild child" she is now. She visits her father every once in a while, but most visits are awkward. 
Other: After saving up for 4 years, Charlie was able to afford a beat up Chevy.

Name: Josh Valence
Age: 17
Greaser or Soc: Soc
Personality: Josh is your all-around normal jock. He lives and breathes the word "Sports", participating in many of his school's sports. Football is his favorite sport though. Don't mistake him for one of those block-head jocks though. Underneath his tough jock guy act, he is actual rather intellectual and sensitive. This side is only shown around his friends though. Along with his love of sports, he enjoys writing. Any kind of writing: poetry, horror, comical, etc. He is also rather comical, always cracking a joke or two each day. He is very protective of his friends, and will do anything to help them out. 
Bio: Josh has always had a hatred for the greasers. He did not even hang out with them when he was younger. His parents own their own business, so they are constantly on trips. He acts as though it is no big deal, but he honestly feels like they don't care about him. He keeps his mind off these things though with sports. He is captain of the football team, and loves to play in the park that is "neutral ground."
Other: None.

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