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These Teens are preacher kids that mean at least one of their parents are preachers. These teens feel trapped and have so many expectations to live upp to. What happens when these teens go against their parents backs and do things they aren't aloud to??

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Name: Sophia Black
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Sophia can be very sweet and kind. She is a bipolar. She can be very stubborn and is head strong. She likes to have fun and is a flirt. Sophia is very girly and hates being told what to do. She acts out. 
Bio: She is an only child.Her father is a preacher. Her mom is a stay at home mother. Her parents argue  some but expect her to be perfect. Her dad doesn't want her to date or really talk to guys.
Other: Sophia loves going against her parents. She has a belly ring and a tat that her parents don't know about.  She is an A-B student. She loves bad boys and likes to be free. She believes in certain things and won't go against them. 

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Name: Alex 

Age: 14

Gender : Female 

Looks: My Profile Picture 

Personality : She Is Kind , Sweet , Caring , Lovable  , Huggable , Smart , Clever , Sarcastic , Observant , and Mostly Worried or Scared...

Bio: Her Dad is a preacher but he married her mom , and they promised that the first child , wouldn't be allowed to any certain things... When she was born a everything changed! They made sure she was Healthy , A&B honor roll Student , and For sure Single! They were over protected and Made sure she was a good child...

Other :  Best friends with Eddie...

( The guys ) 

Name: Eddie 

Age: 15

Gender : Male 

Looks: Coming...

Personality :  Same as Alex but tougher....

Bio : His Mom is a Preacher , and does the same to him as Alex...

Other : Best friends with Alex

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"You may cuss but keep it clean"


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