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Love Hurts.. (Falling For The Wrong People) -New-

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Okay so, Im gonna try to make my own roleplay.. Lets see how it goes..

Nicole has been in foster care as long as she remembers.. Been house to house after every few months.. But, she finally finds somewhere where the family actually want to take care of her.. She starts falling for the neighbors son, James and her foster family dont really like it because he has a horrible pass that he cant tell anyone.. The family thats taking care of her has 3 kids of their own. Mary, 19, Brad, 17, and Braxten, 15. Braxten falls for Nicole when they become bestfriends.. These girls, Angie and Trina find out how close Braxten and Nicole are, they get mad because they are in love with Braxten. What will happen next..?

Jayme (Foster mom)
Jackson (Foster dad)

Put who you want.
First one to put who they want, will be that person.

Have funn! .

Hello loves.

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