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Forbidden Love (PRP with Swiggityswag and Ziahthecupcakeninja)

Celebs cartoon
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Oki Doki!

Cricket slammed her locker shut, books in hand. It was Monday morning and she barely had gotten any sleep . She had stayed up to the wee hours of the night playing with her cat. It was lame, but hey, cats are cute.

Alcott raced into the building. He was late!


Posted almost 5 years ago

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Con strutted into school, possibly the only calm one in the scramble to get to class on time. He smirked and walked to his locker. He glanced at his watch and calculated the time it would take for him to sprint to his class which was located on the 2nd floor. He looked around to see the traffic on the stairs and in the hallway. He had approximately 2minutes to be in class. "Hmmm, this will be interesting."He said to himself. The stairs were crowded and so were the hallways, so neither were going to be easy. He bounced on his toes alittle, getting hyped up. "Okay, its show time."He cut through the hall towards the stairs where he jumped up onto the concrete railing. Keeping his speed he sprinted up the railing, jumping onto the other where he got to the second set of stairs. Shocked gasps and claps sounded behind him when he reached the top of the stairs at the second floor. He did a front flip off the railing and gave them a bow and proceeded to race off down the hall where he skidded to a stop in front of his class room. The bell began to ring and he dived into the room, sliding on his stomach across the room.

Dawn kicked open the school doors, scaring some of the other lat comers. She placed her skate board on the ground and took off. She flew past teachers and janiters and students alike. She was heading towards the wheelchair ramp. She pushed herself forward with a little effort all the way to the second floor. On her way up she passed her friend Will who was struggling up the ramp.
"Hey, Will. You do know that the ramps are for going down right? You can just use the elevator."She pointed out with a smirk.
"I'm working on my muscles,"He replied with a pained smile.She shrugged and kept going. She'd made into her class just intime. She rode her skate board into class, coming to a sudden stop when her board made contact with the ankle of one of her classmates who had dived into class right before her own entrance.

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