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Anyone could join until all these slots are full, I will edit the names you choose for your tributes into each district as soon as I can. smile 

Rules: none. Just have fun smile

Fill this in:

Background (optional): 
Other (optional):

This is the tributes list:

District 1 male:
District 1 female: Danielle Smithins (Pipercottontail)

District 2 female: Saige Dark (pandababyblue123) 
District 2 male:

District 3 female: Electra Frueff (rainbowskittles) 
District 3 male:

District 4 female:
District 4 male:

District 5 female:
District 5 male:

District 6 female:
District 6 male:

District 7 female:
​District 7 male:

District 8 female:
​District 8 male:

District 9 female:
​District 9 male:

District 8 female:
​District 8 male:

District 9 female:
​District 9 male:

District 10 female:
​District 10 male:

District 11 female:
​District 11 male:

District 12 female:
​District 12 male:

District 13 female:
​District 13 male: Xavier Smithins (Pipercottontail)

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Name: Electra Frueff
Age: 15
Gender: Female
District: District 3-technology
Personality: An intelligent, vibrant, sarcastic girl with a short attention span. She walks without a care and can get really protective. 
Appearance: Short midnight blue layered hair with one streak of silver, a very petite body frame. Wears graphic shirts a lot and dresses neither tomboyish nor girly. She's got hazel eyes, full lips and a large forehead. Slight freckles gather around her nose.

Talents: anything that involves electronics, she can hack well into systems and is very good around programming. She's also really good with bows/arrows and can make people laugh with her witty sense of humor. 
Background (optional): She comes from a small family; she lost her mother to cancer and lives with her grandparents and father. Her father works with technology as well and her grandparents are originally half german. She has one older brother called Josh, and they get along really well.

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Name: Danielle Smithins

age: 15

gender: F

district: 1

personality: she's a tough cookie with a soft side, she loves kittens and baby birds and is like the girlie st girl ever

Apearence: httpFrustrated/generationbass.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/girly-girl-anime.gif

talents: is extremely silent and for some reason when you look in her eyes it's like falling into a well of love and hugs (she's got big eyes) making her hard to kill

Back-round: when her twin brother was moved to district thirteen after her dad rebelled and left her and her mom behind she put up a shell to keep the pain out leaving her mom helpless on how to help her daughter 

name: Xavier Smithins

age: 15

gender: M

district : 13

personality: he is an emo and he misses his little sis like heck (they had a thing) he's constantly depressed and his father doesn't know what to do with him

appearence: httpFrustrated/www.wallgc.com/images/2012/11/close-up-lips-red-eyes-short-hair-anime-boys-white-hair-faces-hair-in-face-HD-Wallpapers.jpg

Talents: is like the biggest energy sucker ever when people are around him they tend to feel bad for him

backround : same as Danielle's 


i make no sense so deal with it

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Name: Saige Dark
Age: 14
Gender: F
District: 2
Personality: kind,shy,as a mean side
Appearance: httpsFrustrated/encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQu1JrTD-YP89japf_5bMRYAbxVzmkmWZu_cGTeqCiVJtwLnFN-tw
Talents: can scream so loud she can break your ear drums and good at climbing trees
Background (optional): She was knocked out  can not remember any thing.
Other (optional):none


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which district is Amanda from?

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Name: Ivy and Connor Gabrielson
Age: 17
Gender: girl and boy
District: 6
Personality: You'll see
Appearance: Ivy is profile pic. Connor pic will load soon.
Talents: Ivy can shoot and arrow with her feet and Connor can fight with a sword and not get killed with his eyes closed.
Background (optional): 
Other (optional): Brother and sister.

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