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War of Time. (Open) (Dual roleplay with War of the dead Read form more info)

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Posted over 4 years ago

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I'm so sorry.
Your lives are over. 

But your not dead, no...you've simply been snatched from time.
And if its any consolation,  your not alone. Theirs many of you.

Your going to be my army. See, there's this creature. Well god of the dead, and he's got his whole army of Dead people to overthrow me, and I don't.

That's were you come in,  I set up this training camp, your all normal humans, but you've been randomly selected from the 7 billion of earth..too..well, save them!

Earth will be the battlefield, and if he wins, he'll take it over and turn it into his own version of hell.
Now, since your normal humans, you might be thinking What'll I do!?
Well, see, I can't directly fight him, but I can train you, and give you powers, so from today...

Welcome to training camp.
You'll learn how to fight and use your powers, there are some Constructs and servants of mine to help you, they'll explain further.
Goodbye, and goodluck.

So this a experiment I wanted to do.

There's two sides to every story. so what if there was a war between the time god and the God of the dead. and they each picked people to fight in a war from earth, and trained them to use magical abilities, and then they fought?

But what if each of these camps was a roleplay? And At the end of a certain time period, I made a new thread were the war would take place.
You know nothing about the enemy except what you've been told, and your not allowed to look at the other roleplay once you decide which.

Now, see, for about a year of in RP time, starting on jan 1st, The characters will make friends, love, have a normal life well training to use magic and fight. Like your basic Teen novel you might be thinking about.

But then at the end, the war starts, and characters WILL die. That's the point.
The war will span a month of inRP time. and characters will die, maybe somehow come back? Some will stay dead, and love will be lost, friendship avenged.

Its what a real mythical war would be, with real consequences.
I suggest you make two characters though, so if one dies at the end you don't have to stop playing

Anyway, if you like the idea, look at the other one and decide if you like it better, and join that camp, or come back here.


Now for the real RP stuff. Basic rules, no over the top stuff, no godmodding.
The Camp of Time has special abilities that the other camp doesn't

- They have better camp teachers/Counselors. As the time god can pick famous generals from history as well as mythical beasts from the past.
- They are alive, so they have to eat.
-They have access to more books and knowledge.

Heres the form

age: (10 to 25)
Looks: (Drawn or anime pictures are better)
Bio: (What time they came from, who they were in that time.)
Special Ability they got (Magic):

Join! It'll be fun!


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Posted over 4 years ago

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Default girl
Name: Mizuki
Age: 15
Looks:  (My drawing)
Personality: Shy and confused, but is happy
Bio: She came from time in United States, she is still a human but no longer living on earth
Special Ability they got (Magic): Can use fireballs to attack her enemies

Posted over 4 years ago

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(My forms, people please join.)

Name: Gura Vol Survei

age: 19

Looks: RP

Personality: Extremely noble and righteous.
​A pleasant person to be with. Courteous, respectful.
An all round perfect fairy-tale Knight.

Bio: A rather prestigious knight.
Went through the whole  from peasant to noble knight story, Fought in a war, slayed a dragon or two.

Fell in love with a princess, and was about to get married when..
Picked out of time.
Distraught, he now fights for return to his time, and his love he lost.

Special Ability they got (Magic):
Instead of conventional magic. He was bestowed with Great skills to augment his sword ability.
He can augment the blade of his sword with elemental power, and extend his slices with arcs of these elements.
He can propel himself to great heights to come down with a crashing fury.
​He can also propel himself forward for quick attacks
These Skills are ever evolving and more come to light all the time.

Other: His sword, bestowed upon him by the great witch Verzeal, Imbued with magical powers of light, and the only blade that could slay the dragon KolNesh. Came with him.

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Posted over 4 years ago

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may i join?

Name: Alexandra "Alex" Grey

age: 17
Looks: rp 81
Personality: She tends to be quiet, not because she doesnt think she has anything to say but rather because she prefers waiting and seeing what will happen. She doesn't like picking sides either, which causes her to resent this whole war. She's highly loyal to her cause, however, and if you gain her trust she's a good ally to have around. Tends to be a bit sarcastic, and can come off as rude or harsh at times.
Bio: Alex was from the future, not super distant but with much better technology. She was just a student, a bit of a loner type, who got good grades and spent time at libraries and movie theaters.
Special Ability they got: Alex can turn invisible, which causes her to be very good at anything involving stealth.
Other: n/a

Posted over 4 years ago

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(Anymore join?)

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