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Pokemon Academy role play

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Elodie3 Lock
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January, 2014
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This a  pokemon academy role basically you can be a real pokemon trainer or make up your own if you make your own include this information

eye colour
hair colour
And any other information

Pokemon Academy role play

Posted By:
Elodie3 Lock
Member since:
January, 2014
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Posts: 2

I forgot you can also include a picture if you want

Pokemon Academy role play

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November, 2013
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name Crimson Night
gender Male
age 15
appearance  Long black shiny hair with blood-red streaks, yellow-green eyes, pale white skin,  Black robes with sliver moons, Grey sun glasses
personality sly, Sneaky, mysterious, dark, and evil
Why he/she became a glitch: He is a trainer you meet  on your way to Lavender town, able to destroy  your Pokemons in a second, even though his pokemon are weak.
eye colour See above in appearance
hair colour See in appearance
And any other information He is nicknamed "The Dream Lord" due to his shapeshift abilities/ He is from Lavender Town. GHe's also a glitch. His favorite Polemon are Hyno and  Sableye.

Bio pic 7
Discord teaming up with Deathwing lol
Signature 3
Random cross over signature pic
My new AWESOME signature Pic,
Gravity falls^
New pic for signature
^ Dalek journal page.

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