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Zombie Apocalpse (Always accepting)

Celebs cartoon
Posted about 4 years ago

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"I don't know, somewhere away from them!" Krystal yelled.

Jack, you aren't Spiderman. Stop crawling through people's windows. Spider Crawl

Chocolate Milk Boom
"Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?"

Posted about 4 years ago

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Personality-She's very resourceful. Knows many, many things on how to survive such a thing, such as creating a fire, hotwire a car, knows a little bit about poisonous and edible berries, but is sometimes too cautious as to where her caution-ness may hurt her. 
Born In-Massachusetts 
Where She Was At Start-Massachusetts

"As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools."

Posted about 4 years ago

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Name: Darlene


Personality: On the outside she’s fun to be around, preppy, yah know the basic rich cheerleader type of girl… but when she is  alone she lets herself go she’s as emo as they come, she suffers on inside from pain no one knows about, she cuts and overall shes just broken. But her smarts easily overshadow everything else being in 10th grade instead of 9th, shes way more more mature than others her age, not to mention smarter. She’s never had a boyfriend before, only because she hardly has the time for one. Darlene has basically the perfect parents… well at least on the outside,  they abuse her constantly everyday just to let their frustrations out. Darlene learns something important in the zombie apocalypse that she couldnt have learned anyother time or place… its called love.

Appearance: Petite at 5’2, Her dad is white and her mom is native american makeing her have a light tannish skin tone, She naturally has super long dark brown hair that is down to her waist but she bleached and colored it to make it more brownish with and ombre’ of honey blonde at the ends, she’s slim and in shape, partially due to her vegetarian diet and cheerleading workouts almost  everyday. She has beautiful  clear grey eyes with streaks of black in them.

Born In: California, moved to New York last year to attend a private school

Where She Was When It Started: In her private school located in New York

Outfit Choice: She wears mostly band merch, skinny jeans, and vans or converse (always clean) on the weekends, but on schooldays she is found wearing designer clothes, handbags,shoes… and items most of the time embellished with her name or initials.

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