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Living together (dark angel role play)come!

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bounce~chick88 Lock
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October 2008

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Posted over 7 years ago
Okay, this is a RP where the world has gone into a whole nother depression really badly, everything is getting wrecked and abandoned , everybody is poor, housing is scarce, and there are a whole bunch of people who are genetically ingineered. If you have seen Dark Angel you will understand more, but basically we can jump really high, and fight well, when we were little we esscaped from manticore, where our mothers who were basically being used as guinny pigs were injected with cat genes and the best genetics around, so us, the babies would be practically super. BUT, since we esscaped, and manticore wanted to use us as mass destructive wepons,they are trying to hunt us down now as teens/ adults... but we are running, and fighting. We have developed minds and lives, and we are all living together on a force. The city of seattle has pushed us out, and so we only have a small neighbor hood and we have to all live together! Fill this out if you want to join (anybody can join, dont have to ask) Name: Max Sex: Female Age: 18 You Can: fight well, jump really high, have zoom-in vision, and can see in the dark Hair: black, straight Eyes: bright green Personality: Loves to have fun and party with friends, but also likes to be orgonized and focused, I will do anything to help the ones I care about and love... I stop at nothing to get what I want.... I will break laws, fight, and even kill to help people. I am a force of good, even though a lot of the people of seattle are scared of me. Other: Never sleeps You can be a human that has excepted the genetically ingineered too if u want. JOIN

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