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This is a roleplay based on the popular cartoon, TDI. Choose a camper to play as! The eliminations may be different than the show, so it'll be full of surprises! Rules: 1. You don't have to be obsessed or an extreme fanatic, but please know about the show and your character if you want to play. Like, you need to have watched the show. 2. Your character posts must contain at least a paragraph. 3. PLEASE use correct spelling and grammer. The characters are: Chris - The sadistic, self-absorbed host. (Played by me) Chef Hacthet - Military-like camp chef. Bakes horrible food and often has to be dressed as a woman. Ezekiel - The homeschooled country boy who doesn't know anything about reguler teens, and is somewhat misoganistic. Eva - The easily-angered strong girl. Almost never smiles and the only thing that can calm her down is her MP3 Player. Noah - Antisocail bookworm who makes mean sarcastic comments about people and doesn't like physical activity. Justin - The guy who's so hot it's like a power. He can even get Eva to admire his looks. The person who loves Justin the most is himself. Katie - The thin and tan BFF of Sadie. They do everything together and go "EEEE!" about everything. Sadie - Pale and overweight, acts and dresses like Katie. Tyler - The jock who has no talent at sports. Cody - The scrawny geek who thinks he's a "ladies' man". He annoys most girls h hits on, but some think he's cute. When working with school-related skills, he's really good. Beth - Not the most attractive girl, but probably the nicest. She's somewhat delusional, thinking guys like her when they don't. Courtney - Obsessed with the rules and winning. Harold - The "uber-geek" with unexpected skills. Trent - The "cool guy" who hangs out with almost everyone and plays the gutar. Bridgette - The surfer girl who's really talented in the water but clumsy on land. Lindsay - Really, really hot but really, really dumb. She's easily manipulated, but knows fasion and boys. DJ - Looks tough, but is a momma's boy that likes cute animals. He's really strong and loyal. Izzy - The crazy girl who talks about running from the police like it's a regular thing. Geoff - The funny, not-too-bright party dude. He's the peacekeeper among his friends. Leshawna - "Big and Loud". She doesn't take any crap, but is nice to her friends. Duncan - The "bad boy". Loves pulling pranks and has been arrested before. Heather -Meanest girl on the island. She's bossy, manipulative, and won't hesitate to make your life miserable. Gwen - The goth girl who comes across as snobby, but is actually a cool person. She acts antisocail because she's scared of rejection. Owen - Overweight and loves to eat and fart, Owen is optimistic and fun to be around (until he farts). So, who will you be?

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