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May I please have another one? Sorry, you're shop is so awesome, I wanted another one. xD

Username: Tails_The_Prower
Text (nothing inappropriate): Tails_The_Prower
Pic (tell me what it is, or give it to me, yet again, nothing inappropriate): Tails
Colors (up to three): Orange, Yellow, and White.
Other: N/A (Nothing)


Thanks, Nimsajeay!

Deticated to: KW Cat Revolution
Join the KW Cat Revolution! *Meow*


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May, 2012
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For Baby260!

My whole goal in life is to get AlphaT to debate Teh_Skittlez as an Atheist and for Teh_Skittlez to debate AlphaT as a Christian.


That awkward moment when you realize that you couldn't see that amazing debate because you're not old enough to see the P&R section... -.-

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Its a never ending game!

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