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Fasion Advice!

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January, 2011
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Haha well mostly retro styled clothes really! A lot of people have gone back to 80s clothes and some 70s styles are coming back. And then the new styles are just other trends that wev stolen from previous generations. It doesn't matter what everyone else wears, go with your own thing!

he taught me to love music, to love nature, to be myself no matter what. he taught me that family stays together, friends are forever, and he would always be there for me. he taught me to set my goals high, try to reach them, and never let anyone else take them away from me. he was the greatest person i everknew, he was my grandpa. i miss you pap!

Fasion Advice!

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May, 2012
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Next I'm A REALLY big fan of bright colors but I don't know how to style them right... Frustrated

Cute Story ❤
There was a girl who was playing in the park when she saw a picture in the bush. Since that day she kept it, but seen nothing until she got married. Her husband asked who the little boy in her wallet was, and she said, "MY FIRST LOVE," He looked at it and answered, "I LOST THIS WHEN I WAS 9 YEARS OLD."

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