Post about your favorite athletes and teams in Hockey.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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Taylor3106 Lock
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March, 2007
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Does anyone like the Cleveland Cavaliers??? I LOVE THEM!!! LeBron James is my role model even though I am a girl!!! HE IS SO COOL!!!! I EVEN GOT TO TOUCH HIS CAR!!!!!

Cleveland Cavaliers

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thecarter5 Lock
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January, 2007
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NO, everyone likes the lakers

wassup light brown favorite teams yankees,lakers cowboys brown eyes iam a boy aight 1

Cleveland Cavaliers

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sharkluver Lock
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April, 2007
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yeah everybody likes the lakers

the ocean
the ocean mist running of my face
the sandy sand with its soft feel between my feet
i passive wind knock me on the ground
i cant move
can this be the end
it cant be i thought as i ddrifted off in a deep sleep never to wake again
hey do you like this poem???? plz tell me cuz i wrote it and want to know wut yall think so plz tell me on my prrofile!!!

Cleveland Cavaliers

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Ups_And_Downs Lock
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January, 2007
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Being from Ohio I have to like the Cavs at least a little bit.

Would everyone quit talking about the Lakers? The world doesn''t revolve around them.

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