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A little advice...

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February, 2008
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To those of you who have started writing papers for classes, I have some advice, especially when the paper is a large one, that makes up quite a bit of your grade for the year: Pick the absolute easiest topic you can find, rather than trying to challenge yourself. Because then, you won't end up trying to print stuff out at 12 45, stressing and picking apart your own arguments. So there, a little advice from me to you.

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A little advice...

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December, 2008
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I agree, but then again I dont aswell. Im lazy at heart, I'll always try and take the easy way out, cut corners, spend as little time as possible doing work, but I didnt become a straight A student by always taking the easy way out. Sometimes challenging youreslf on one paper can make the next paper you do that little bit easier, because you've already streched yourself a little bit beforehand. Thinking ahead and putting in that little bit of extra effort in at one time can mean you can be lazier next time. And the self satisifaction is certainly reward enough for some people. My advice to you would be to take the midlle of the road paper most of the time, a topic thats of medium difficulty. If you're at a time when you've not got much work on then you should do a challenging paper, it'll be good for you. If your at a time when your snowed under with work, then yeh pick the easy topic, but you really shouldnt do it all of the time.

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