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Well I'm 7th grade. I believe I can help though!

I would make this all cool and stuff, but I am far too lazy to do so.

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I'm in 5th grade and I have an A+ in math and always get A's in every subject. I read at a 12th grade level and my GPA ins 11.6 out of 12.00 

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"SeddieRox" wrote:

Can I have a 5th grade math tutor?
I'm a 5th grader. i can help you. Don't worry. I'm in the gate(gifted and talented education) program. everyone at my school thinks I'm a math geek.

If you like Harry Potter and math, comment on my page. Also, if you know how to post a picture into my signature, tell me. Thank you!

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I can help u.Im in Grade 7 and im pretty good at math,geo & art.If u have any questions or anything that u need help with,feel free to ask me.Truth is,i just started Grade 7 & my last report card,i got mostly A except for dance,acting,music & gym (so not good at all of them,but I tried!).

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hahahahahaha xD! See dis is one of the many reactions i would do if i saw haruhi being a jb fan.xD

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