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alien blue fish

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May 2013

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Posted over 3 years ago
there was a girl named Sandra, when she slept she had a dream of marrying an alien blue fish which had legs and could talk too. The next morning when she got to school she told people about her fishy dream and weird thing about it was that she said,the fish handsome and cute at the same time. When the boys found out about it ,they laughed and laughed and laughed. They came-up with a joke to annoy her,the next day.The joke was: HEY ! STEVEN, I WENT TO A RESTAURANT YESTERDAY WITH MY PARENT AND I ASKED FOR A FISH .DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY GAVE ME , I GOT SOMETHING MUCH MORE FISHY AND THE STRANGE THING ABOUT IT WAS THAT THE FISH WAS BLUE IN COLOR AND AGAIN IT TALKED SAYING IN SONG," I AM GETTING MARRIED TO SANDRA TOMORROW'' 3 TIMES AND I SAID WHAT THE HELL IS THIS IT IS A STINKY, FREAK IN, TALKING BLUE FISH.


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