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top 10 yo momma jokes-moved

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December, 2012
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 1. yo momma is so fat the last time she saw the show 90210 it was on a scale
 2. yo momma's teeth are so yellow when she closed her mouth her stomach glowed
 3. yo momma is so fat she walked up the stairway 2 heaven and broke it
 4. yo momma has such a big gap in her teeth micheal strahan was jealous
 5. yo momma is so fat she sat on an i phone and invented the i pad
 6. yo momma is so poor robbers steel other peoples wallets and Give her the money
 7. yo momma is so fat when i shot her in COD black ops i got double points
 8. yo momma is so ugly she made feddy krueger have nightmares
 9. yo momma's teeth are so yellow that on a rainy day she smles and evreyone said hey look the sun came out
 10. yo momma is so fat she sat on a ranbow and skittles came out

Case K

top 10 yo momma jokes-moved

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June, 2013
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Yo mama is so fat her blood type is nutella.
Yo mama is so fat that when she puts on a yellow raincoat people shout out taxi.
Yo mama is so fat that God couldnt see the world until she moved.
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