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What's your fave joke?

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midnalover28 Lock e1691472cafece64304be81c5c9c507a93800d3a6cd5948297266277351b71ef
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December 2011

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Posted almost 5 years ago
Heres mine. There was an old woman riding an elavator. A rich, snobby lady came in. She smelled flowery. She said, "Chanel No. 5. $125 an ounce.". Another lady came in. This time it was a strong perfume. I forgot the name. She said (without the name because I forgot it), " 150 dollars an ounce.". Then the old woman bent over, and farted. She said, "broccili. 45 cents a pound." LOL THAT"S A FUNNNY JOKE!


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