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Mr Happy Man Songs (w/ lyrics)

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Mr. Happy Man Theme Song (Season 1): Mr. Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man, he loves you. Mr. Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man, he's happy.-- Ending Credits (Season 1): Mr. Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man, he's happy.-- Mr. Happy Man Christmas Special: Happy Man, Happy Man, Happy Man Christmas Special. It's here, It's now, It's cool, It's good, so go and grab a bagel!-- Mr. Happy Man Christmas Special Ending: Happy Man, Happy Man Christmas Special. It is over, and now you should go. Leave the computer, you're rotting you're brain. You should go and eat pudding. Happy Man, Happy Man Christmas Special. Yes it is over now. Well see you all next time in the next episode, of Mr. Happy Man, Mr. Happy Man, Mr. Happy Man!-- Mr. Happy Man Theme Song (Season 2): It's Mr. Happy Man! And he's really, really happy. And he's full of love and joy for the wo-o-o-orld. You'll be happy for a while, when you see his big white smile. Looks like he's happy again, because he's Mr. Happy Man.-- Happyman CaramelldansenAnnoyednbsp; I am a bee, and I'm not singing, but you can tell. Because my mouth's not moving. I wish that the Narrator would just leave me, because he is really annoying. Oh oh oh wah, wah. Oh oh oh wah, wah, waooh. Oh oh oh wah, wah. Oh oh oh wah, wah, waooh.-- My Name Is Liam: My Name Is Liam. And pony's are my whole life. And they are really cute if mare white. Or black or brown or any color, I'm Liam. (Who, who!) And pony's are my whole life. Because if I don't have them, I'll die. No, seriously, I need them to survive 'cause I eat them. (Who, who!) And you may find it disgusting. But don't question my digest needs. I'm a very mixed up person so just leave me alone. (Who, who!) *chuckle*--  Mr. Happy Man 4rth Of July Special- Mr. Happy Man. He's really happy. He's really awesome. He's not a possum. I just came up with these lyrics on the spot. And that is why they really s. uck.-- Mr. Happy Man Halloween Special: Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man. Mr. Happy Man. Mr. People of Scratch, come listen to me. Wouldn't you like to see something funny? It is something, come and sit right there. He's yellow everywhere,  maybe you would scare? Mr. Happyman, Mr. Happyman, come to weak, veggie's on you're soul! He's more scary than Marilyn Manson. Seriously, have you seen that person, he or she is such a FREAK! People of love and joy, Halloween special, here it is. Enjoy! *evil laughter*-- MHM How To Be Famous: I'm good to go, and I'm Mr. Happy Man. And he project is for how to be famous. If you didn't know, this song was by a boy. Wow, I can't do Mr. Happy Man's voice this deep.

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