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Disturbed - Haunted

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You're broken, so am I
I'm better off alone
No one to turn to and nothing to call my own
Outspoken, so am I
Explosive words that your world wouldn't understand
Turn away again

You're beaten, so am I
I've got a heart of stone
No medication can cure what has taken hold
You're hurting, so will I
When I awake and remember why I've been running from your

Dishonored by your world,
Your world,
I'm haunted by your world

My blood is cold as ice,
Or so I have been told
Show no emotion and it can destroy your soul
Another sacrifice,
To a tormentor your world wouldn't understand
Turn away again

You're angered, so am I
A thousand fires burn
A land of darkness from which I cannot return
You're aching, so will I
When I awake and discover that I have been damaged by your

Dishonored by your world
Your world
I'm haunted by your world

(Never will I be welcome
Amongst the heartless monsters you surround yourself with
Feeding off the pain and misfortune of others
A maniacal breed of sub-human parasites
Thrown into a feeding frenzy with the smell of fresh blood.
Open your eyes and see the creatures for what they are,
A swirling mass of hatred and envy,
Don't be naive enough to think you're unaffected,
The conversion has already begun...)

You're frightened, so am I,
A world of demons wait,
Watching our movements and filling my heart with hate,
You're burning, so will I,
When I awake and discover how I have been ravaged by your

Dishonored by your world,
Your world,
I'm haunted by your world.

Suicide is terrible. If you arent part of the solution, your are part of the problem.

Spread kindness, be a lost soul's solution.

Give someone a reason to live

I am begging you all.

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