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hatsune miku, don't look at me in that way

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Don't look at me in that way, Mama Dying like this is terribly embarrassing My milky cheeks  Were blown apart like popcorn Don't look at me in that way, Papa Dying like this makes me feel ashamed The welcoming parade Extracted my soul with tweezers Shabadabada, one two three, and it's flung away The tremolo goes toriru toriru and goes lalala Me, dripping like syrup I wonder where I should go? Flying through the air, I got caught Between the teeth of the music box comb The shivering of the comb's teeth felt nice Whizzing, it'll split me apart and mince me bit by bit My small body's reduced to bits Scattering around, I've become so many (Nyan nyaka nyaka nyaka nyaka) My empty brain melted into a pulp And became a sea of stars (Loosely it drips drips drips drips) The soldiers' gunshots won't stop The music playing won't stop The music box will never ever stop Even to the ends of a far place The music box's song will continue It is alright, everyone We'll be friends if we become stars At my soul's last moment I shone like a rainbow (Dun dun dun dun) Like plums and silverberries I broke, melted and vanished (Man man man man makamaka  Nanananana nalalanalalanalala alala) That is why Don't look at me in that w, Mama Dying like this is terribly embarrassing don't look at me whom you threw away because your precious self worth was more importent Being defeated and cast away Don't look at me with those eyes, Papa Fall back and don't watch my death Because the me who felt death was good Is terribly embarrassed Dripping thickly, dripping fast The tremolo goes toriru toriru and goes lalala White and sticky drops pitter-pattering On the way from at noon I descended down a slope on my bicycle The training wheels of my bike fell off Into the narrow spaces The first time I became the wind My heart was destroyed by it But it was such a good feeling Being destroyed by the wind I went down, down, down for an eternity Down the never ending hill road No matter where I looked I cannot see any forms of people The houses disappeared The electric cables became distorted shapes Scraped by the wind My body became a melted scarlet And then I vanished Leaving behind my soul (Dun dun dun dun) I was not supposed to be there with my bike (Man man man man makamaka  Nanananana nalalanalalanalala alala) Anywhere, anytime Don't look at me in that way, Mama i no longer exist anymore you bought me lots of toys and lots of manga Don't look at me with those eyes, Papa it felt good to die papa made me lots of music boxes and  toy soldiers for me I do not exist anywhere anymore My soul has disappeared from the world in my dreams I have gone along with The melted remains of Mama's toys but i no longer exist my soul vanished along into the world of dreams mama`s many toys melted and disappeared away with me i no longer exist goodbye until we meet again in dreams! Papa's soldiers in the music box waved their hands threw the comb and waved goodbye! (Pa pa pa pa pa parapara) (Ma ma ma ma ma parapararararara Rarurerorurireroraruro)


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