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Broke my heart right from the start say my name make me stay it won't work until that day Catch me baby I'm falling (falling) I'm falling Won't you Save Me? push me away regret that day you let me go ask me again i won't say no Catch me baby I'm falling (catch and Save Me) I'm falling for you baby Won't you save me? Hold me close Don't let go Take my hand And lead the way Catch me now (And save the day) Catch me baby I'm falling hard (For you) I'm falling Save Me now (Song Ends)

Please call me FashionistaChic123 :3

I'm pretty sarcastic, But in a funny way.

\"Love is unpredictable, Love is not very easy to find.... But sometimes you have to stop looking to find what you really want." - Me!

Hearts of the Winx


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