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January, 2007
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Ok,so you younger girls like to play with that stupid doll,and you older girls think she''s a good role-model for little girls.
Barbi is skinny,and girls will want to be skinny,and will have belemia.
Secondly,She marriend that Kin or something,yet,they went back to dating.
That means she got divorced.
Also,she dumped Ben,or whatever,for that other dude.
Pluss,she''s looked you for years,so girls are going to be obsessed with looking young.
Therefore,Barbie is not a good role-model,and little girls should not be playing with her,or watching her dumb movies.


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January, 2007
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i also think dat she''s not a good role model for little kids cuz i think she''s for like a little bit tooo old for tem...

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January, 2007
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Yeah I agree.
Barbies are also inappropraite

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