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November, 2001
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What are your thoughts on the new Step Up Movie? Rate it out of 10!

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i wuw zayn malik
i wuw zayn malik
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June, 2012
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an EPIC 10 Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

i love Zayn Malik i am Mrs.Zayn Malik ZAYN JAWADD MALIK IS MINE i luv one direction! ~Zayn Malik~Liam Payne~Harry Styles~Niall Horan~Louis tomlinson~ luv 1D
Vas Happenin - Zayn Malik
niall ♥
Love 1D
if u dont like one direction... (part 1)
if u dont like one direction im judging u (prt 2)
imagine this
read imagine first

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Danielle xx_2185939 Lock
Danielle xx_2185939
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July, 2012
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Im dying to go see it xD but i need to wait till August 10th.But i think a 10!

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