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Anyone want to help out a little newblet?

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December, 2012
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YUSH, these threads are all too common, I KNOW, but for me I think its mandatory.. And um.. I could use some tips. I pretty much only joined for the forums on here, so I'll make my questions quick:
For roleplays and such, do the posts need to be detailed...? Does it really matter, or no? And are the majority of the people here... um... strict? And yes, I no the basics like READ THE RULES, and DON'T SPAM. But all I want from this is just tips and advice on what NOT to do and what TO do.

Please be a loving internet neighbor and help a poor little bunny wabbit out. :3

I AM THE BUNNY SUMMONER. Bow to my black magic awesomeness!! xD
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Anyone want to help out a little newblet?

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December, 2009
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The amount of detail for role-plays doesn't really matter in my eyes, unless the people you're roleplaying with have an issue with it. I wouldn't really say that anyone is too strict here, however the rules may seem strict as they are for your safety. Welcome to Kidzworld and I hope you have fun here!


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