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U'll so miss me
U'll so miss me
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Ok, so ive left this place for a long timeee and i dont know what to do to get friends here, you know, people who are the reason to be on here Frustrated What can i do to let people talk to me?? 

Like no one here started a convo with me or anything yet 

What can i do so people would just say hey ?? Frustrated 

Damon Salvatore.
Ian Hardings.
Enough said.

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February, 2013
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 star by asking questions like "do u like to play soccer?" then let the conversation flow. If u want brand new friends:
-go to the chat area
- see "whos online now" and send them a message
hope you enjoy these tips!


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Hey, welcome back to Kidzworld! Participating in the chat & forums is a great way to gain friends! smile

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