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People with about 1000 post have Something under there post

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Posted over 4 years ago

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When i see someone with 1000 post the have something under there post  Confused like they
put a picture then a quote under there post can other people without 1000 post do that to  Confused

"Wisdom is circle. What you receive is what you must give back"

-The Accelerons

Posted over 4 years ago

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Default girl
Of course anybody can do that

 Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the most loneliest person.

Posted over 4 years ago

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Anyone can put a quote or a picture in their signature. Big Grin
To put a picture there, upload it to your photos, and when it's approved click get embedded code, and copy and paste that into your signature when you edit it (where you added that text that shows up on yours) and it'll come up in your signature! smile

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