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Hello! I'm new to the site, and I'm lovin' it so far! I am a 15 year old artist, writer, roleplayer, dancer and music enthusiast! Music always helps me to calm down, and dancing is good for the soul as well as the body! I write when I don't have writer's block, and I draw near constantly! I stand by the beliefs that everybody is a good person, and nobody is completely bad. That we're free the moment we're born. That we're the true controllers of our game of life, that we always have control. (If you want to hear more, just go ahead and reach out! I've got lots of quotes!) 
Regardless of all that professional stuff, I'm a PC gamer. I usually stick to the Bethesda games such as fallout and The Elder Scrolls, but sometimes I play other MMO's and games like SWTOR and Wildstar. I take photos of space through a program called Space Engine, as well! I
I'm also a community owner. Well, I was. A year or so ago I owned a community of 722 members, but due to the usual teenage drama it fell after 5 months of being strong and sturdy. I'm not comfortable sharing the whole story at this time, but maybe later on. smile
I take the meaning of my name to heart, "Defender of Mankind". My goal in life is to protect and defend all who cannot defend themselves, and in the face of danger never waver or cower. Keep fighting for what's right.

Anyways... I look forward to seeing replies if there are any to be had! Have an awesome-tastic day!


"Never think you'll always be a 'bad person'. You never were. You just needed to wake up!"

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Welcome to the site, Kianili! Big Grin We share a lot of common hobbies--and it's great you're loving KW so far ^-^ Space  is  so cool :P I hope you continue to enjoy your time here, and that you have a great day too :3

"It is something that grows over time, a true friendship."

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I hope you enjoy KW! It's really fun and I'm glad you're enjoying it! You can always comment me if you need help!! Have a good day.

Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew. I told them I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.

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We sound like twins.....

I mean Howdy!Welcome to KW :3

"This is not a phrase, Joey Drew. This is who I really am #Heil Bendy."
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this is a couple months late, but i hope you've enjoyed kidzworld so far! ^__^



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