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im new

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ninja-psv_754291 Lock
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January, 2007
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i am new to kidzworld. Im 11 years old. I like playing video games. [:0]

im new

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kaitlin91-l Lock
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January, 2007
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ok im 11/f/mexico and my name is kaitlin but my friend call me katie kate kat or kk but mostly call people call me kk

Hi guys its me kaitlin91 my real name is kaitlin but all my friends call me katie , kate ,kat ,and kk but mostly kk !!
What i look like?! Im 5''0 ft tall. I have long black hair . Im sweet,kind, careing, and nice. Im slim , and a cutie. My skin tone is carmel.I wear mini shirts and mini skrits and i look HOT in them !! Im head cheerleader and head volleyball girl . Im athletic.I have a grill it is gold with 1 diamond in it! I wear bottie shorts! My asl is 11/f/mexico.Im gonna start modling. Im single

im new

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Lightning Knight Lock
Lightning Knight
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January, 2007
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Hey, I''m Dillon. Welcome to Kidzworld! The first thing you need to do is go to the "Say Anything" Board, click on "Void''s Finish Guide to Kidzworld", and read it. It''ll help you around here.

-Over and Out,
The Lightning Knight

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