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November 2012

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Posted over 3 years ago
I'm trying to think should l get a dog or cat?I love both but I just can't decide.....theres alot of things u have to think about when u get pet Confused.vet bills,food,house,envirement,toys and so on plus what if u live in apartment like me it cost extra.there is one opportunity(a hamster)I'm deperet pls help meFrustrated Nose

frikiya,:-P,pls be nice

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January 2013

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Posted over 3 years ago
I just have to say that you are on your on this one because it is  not my decision it is yours...It is going to be your responsibilities to take care of the dog/cat and you will be paying for EVERYTHING! So I am not going to make a decision for you, YOU have to make the decision and Go for it......

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