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HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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January, 2013
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omg omg my Oscar fish scales are peeling off!!!!! idk what to do, idk if it is serious I just don't know!!!!!!!!! he is eating well and like uasually and he is swimming around fine, I haven't changed anything in the tank just and the water is clean. I recentally added a jack dempsy but they get alonge just fine. only the scales on his head are  peeling and it looks like there is a tiny white spot on his fin. WHATS WRONG WITH HIM???????????????

HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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April, 2013
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I found some information on the internet. If he is loosing only a small amount of scales, then it is perfectly normal. But if it is a lot, then this might be a problem. The water is either dirty, or her has a disease called  Chilodonella. This is caused by dirty water anyway. Go to a vet and get them to test the fish. If there's something wrong, they will probably sell something in the shop to fix it. Making sure the sick fish live in a clean environment helps it to recover and to reduce the healing time. Cleaning it in time may even save its life.

(This is more likely the possibility if you see your fish jerking (also called flashing) or rubbing its sides on any tank ornaments (reported more than once, fish have been seen doing "flips," but really they are scratching their sides on the bottom surface of the tank. Sometimes, the stress is visibly obvious, as these little parasites attach themselves on to the fish and somehow dis-attach the scales from the body).

I hope I helped you


HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May, 2012
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This happened to my fish. I have gold fish though, not sure if that makes a difference... Anyway, at one point, my fish's tails seemed to be almost falling apart, they were losing their scales, and one of them, like yours, had a few white spots on it. The water was clean, we fed them regularly, and they ate and swam completely fine. As time went on, their scales and tails started growing back, and the fish with the white spot turned completely white. We looked up some information on the internet. Some said it was normal, some said it was a disease, and many said that fish turning white sometimes just happens as they age.

Whatever it was, my fish are fine now. I would suggest you just keep an eye on him and see if it gets worse.

And watch for that other fish too.

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