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Kanto's Economical Collapse

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A/N: I'm sorry if this story seems a bit rushed. It's a work in progress.

It was a warm spring day in Kanto. The sun shone over the Indigo Plateau as it always had. Without warning, a random kid burst through the door, screaming curse words at the top of his lungs. About fifteen seconds later, an old man emerged with a slightly older boy, who smiled smugly. He had become the champion of the Pokémon League. From this point on, his career could only get greater and greater.

Oh how wrong he was.

Red, as his name was, had just beaten the elite four, and his rival, Blue, who had been the champion for a whopping five minutes. Shortly after Blue beat Bill, who had been the champion before Blue, Kanto had gained a grim future. Bill had been funding the entire region with the money he had received from challengers, and therefore Kanto had been experiencing a time of economical bliss. Blue was just a kid, incapable of funding a whole region, and Red was no better. The Silph Corporation lost all of its shareholders, as that was Kanto's primary business. Nobody was challenging Red, and they were wise not to.

Kanto was failing horribly; its citizens were fleeing, moving to Johto, #####, and Sinnoh. Unova was being built and doing better than all of the other regions, especially Kanto. Even Cerulean's bike shop had relocated to Johto. All that was left were a few trainers, the gym leaders (including Blue), and Red.

Red became severely depressed and increasingly suicidal, he had been the biggest part of his home's failure and he couldn't take it.

One day, he decided to end it all.

He went to the top of Mt. Silver, preparing to jump off the mountain with his Pokémon and end his life. That was when it happened; a young boy named Gold, with 16 badges had followed him, and was now demanding a final challenge for his efforts. He reminded Red of himself as a young boy, so Red reluctantly accepted, vowing that if he could be beaten, he would move on, move to Sinnoh, and start a new life.

Red was beaten by Gold, he used an escape rope to return to his house and slowly become even more powerful, moving to Sinnoh and settling down with Misty, the water-type gym leader of Kanto. He only had one daughter, however.

A girl named Cynthia.

See? I can be serious too.

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