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How the Baron Stole Christmas

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Every one of Abby's friends including herself like Christmas a whole lot, but the Baron of Prussia, who lived in Brennenburg Castle, North of Abby's town did NOT!! Abby was starting off her Christmas vacation with a little party with almost all of her friends. This party included her friends Sara, Kenia, Maricielo, Audrey, and Danielle. Together, they would play games and other cheerful activities, they hoped it would never end.
Anywho, Alexander, the Baron, HATED Christmas; the WHOLE Christmas season. Now, please don't ask why. I really have no idea. It could be because his servants always wanted something on Christmas, or his pants were too tight. I think it's because his heart was 3 sizes too small, which isn't right. But whatever the reason was, he always stared out the window, having a hatred against Santa Claus.
Staring down from his castle, with his ugly frown, at the happy bright faces coming from the town. For he knew that a group of friends were disrupting the town by singing Christmas carols all day long.
"And they're putting up lights!" he snared with a tear, " Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here!" with his old man fingers nervously thumping. "I must find a way to prevent Christmas from coming." For tomorrow he knew.
"That every boy and girl will wake up bright and early opening their presents with glee, and oh the noise Noise NOISE NOISE NOISE!!!" That's the one thing he hated! The noise noise noise noise noise noise... "Then the humans, young and old, would join for a feast. And they'd feast, and they'd feast, and they'd feast, and they'd feast and they'd feast, and they'd feast, and THEY'D FEAST." They'd start with pudding, then the chicken, which was something Alexander could stand at the least. And then they'd do something the Baron hated the most. They'd gather all around the town tree, holding hands altogether, and they'd sing.
"And they'd sing and they'd sing and they'd sing sing sing sing!!" he sneered with feeling. " I MUST STOP THE WHOLE THING!!" he howled. But how?
He then got an idea. A horrible idea. Alexander got a brilliant and horrible idea!! With that, he chuckled at his plan with delight and the he rushed to the wine cellar, at the dead of night.
He made a quick Santa Claus outfit, made of the material he could find and he laughed, "What great, evil trick! And with this disguise, I'll look just like Saint Nick!"
He then looked around saying, "Though I need a reindeer." But since he doesn't have one so he had to improvise. Did that stop him? NOPE! He looked at one of his servants and got another idea. He took some red thread and tied a big horn on top of the grunt's head. Then he loaded some bags on top of his old dusty sled where he hitched up his own servant. He then yelled, "Giddy up!"  And with that the sled started translating off to the snowy town.
The town was dark, but still filled with cheer, and the townsfolk were now waiting for ol' Saint Nick to be here.
He came to the first house of the town, and he knew in the morning everyone would frown. He smirked at that thought. Into the chimney he went, though he wished that he could climb through a vent, like how Philip did to escape. At a slow moving pace, he finally got into  the first house, where he tiptoed as quiet as a mouse toward the presents that were for the young children. He took the presents with ease and refilled the stockings with coal. But he left the most pathetic thing of all, a cereal bowl.
 He dropped the presents out of the house, which fell on the grunt's head making him growl,"Ouch!" and leaving a bump on his head. Alexander got out of the house and into the next one. He did this with all of the houses except for one. This house had the lights off but it seemed that a group of people were still having fun. This made the Baron enraged, so he climbed up the chimney as quiet as he can be, and landed in the house.
While stealing the presents and goodies, a young lass was secretly watching Alexander from behind the Christmas tree.
"Bro! What are you doing to our tree?!" the girl asked in annoyance. She clearly figured out the this was not the real Santa. Another one of her friends walked into the room holding a pineapple and she yelled, "Impostor!!!" and with that the rest of the girls got up from their beds. One of the girls ###### ## the lights revealing the Baron and the Grunt. One of the girls screamed and got a frying pan and smacked Alexander unconscious  The grunt then slashed the frying pan out of her hands and pushed her down to the ground. She screamed and suddenly, someone or something broke down the door. They all couldn't believe their eyes! It was Tuurngait-Man and its sidekick Dr. Eminiss!! The "superheroes" fought with the unconscious baron and grunt. The grunt fled back to Brennenburg Castle, carrying Alexander who was still unconscious.
To make the ending short, the superheroes gave back all of the presents to all of the villagers, and then, them and the girls went to McDonalds to get a happy meal.
In conclusion, stealing isn't good, even when you're a ruler or anything like that.
THE END!!!   


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