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This is a One Direction Fanfic called Ageless that I've been writing for a while now. Hope you enjoy it! Big Grin

When Five hardcore Directioners win Two Months with the boys, things are bound to get intesnse. Love, Drama and lots of the boys smile

Chapter 1: If there is anything we agree on....

Roxanne’s P.O.V





My eyes darted around nervously. This couldn't be happening, this was either some sort of dream or I was crazy. When WE won the competition Xena fainted and I...well....blacked out. It was too good to be true.....How could something this big and extraordinary happen to me and my best friend. Who were very ordinary? I kept my eye out for a hidden camera or something; I studied my family to see if I could find any faltering in their behaviour. But strangely enough they were really good at keeping the charade up....or at least I hoped it was a charade.....


I clutched my bag closer to me while walking out of the airport with Xena. She beamed ecstatically and I well...thought I was going to throw up. I never really did well with excitement, and being social. But if you took one look at Xena and I you'd never guess that we were best friends. Firstly Xena is the life of the party. She is jumpy and loud and happy and ecstatic all the time and she is never afraid to speak her mind and I must say that has gotten us into heaps of trouble. Whereas I'm more quiet and reserved and not so happy and very obsessive... But if there is one thing we agree on...Its One Direction.


We loved them from the tips of our hair right to our toes. We live and breathe One Direction. Or Well Xena did. I’m more of a spread out type, I love lots of things and one of the main things being One Direction.


'Oh My Gosh....Oh my Gosh...' muttered Xena as a black limo pulled up in front of us. A man got out and took our bags loading them into the car. He ushered us into the back seat. I stumbled into the car putting my seat belt on. Xena was shaking so much in excitement she had a bit of trouble putting her seat belt on.


Okay so from the way I'm telling you this...you're probably wondering...Where we are what we're doing....and stuff like that. Well... I'm Roxanne 14 years old, Lover of One Direction and Xena well she’s 14 years old and is a Lover of One Direction as well. We were very fortunate to have won a whole bang smacking two months with the band. I'm serious. We won ourselves TWO MONTHS WITH ONE DIRECTION. So know you see why when we won, Xena fainted and I blacked out.


Anyways back on track after sorting out seat belts and all we got moving. I breathed in and out heavily. Xena looked at me and did the same. I was so nervous and excited and I was feeling so many things at once I thought I would explode. I glued my eyes outside the window, looking at what was London. Now travelling from one Side of the World is pretty tiring but Xena and I were wide awake. I was already missing my family and Xena's family and my friends back in New Zealand.


I then realised the twelve hour time change and immediately my eyes started drooping and after a few minutes I was out like a light.


I hope you enjoyed it ^_^ 


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Chapter 2: Shut your eyes, open your eyes, hit your head....

Xena's P.O.V


I rubbed my hands excitedly. This couldn't be happening....I couldn't believe our luck! I beamed over in Roxy's direction only to find her completely zonked out. I wouldn't blame her considering the twelve hour time difference's from here to New Zealand, but I just couldn't get myself to sleep...well not yet anyway.


I sighed and nudged Roxy who didn't budge. I pushed her hard and she woke up disorientated. 'Wha-What.....?' She said groggily sitting up. I rolled my eyes and grabbed hold of her arm. 'WE HAVE NO TIME TO SLEEP WE'RE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!' I exclaimed to her. She shook her head 'Plenty...of...time...to...see....the boysssss.....' she trailed off. I blinked at her shocked. She had already gone back to sleep.


I shook my head leaning back into my seat realising how comfortable it was...I fought to keep my eyes open but the drowsiness took over and I slumbered.




I woke to Roxy shoving at me. 'WAKEEE UPP!' she exclaimed as I sat up startled. Hitting my head on the roof of the car 'Ow....’ I murmured. 'Sorry! Sorry!' she exclaimed. 'I didn't mean to hurt you....I was trying to wake you...' she explained. I held my hand up at her smiling.


I looked out the window expecting to see the hotel we were staying at. But we weren't at a hotel....We were at a house. My blood rose and my heart beat sped up; Butterflies erupted in my stomach as I got out of the car.


I looked over at Roxy who looked like she was going to faint. I put my hand on her shoulder. 'Surely we can't be meeting them so soon....’ she mumbled. I froze, I began to get nervous and I think I looked just about the spitting image of Roxy. 'It can't...we can't meet them so soon....' I trailed off. I adjusted my glasses and ran my tongue over my braces.


I left Roxy with the bags and went to talk to the driver. 'Umm sir, are we going to meet the boys now..?' I asked him. He looked at me smiling and shook his head a wave of relief washed over me. 'You are here to rest and settle in and you'll meet them tomorrow at their studio...you will all be staying here but they aren't arriving in London till tonight...you'll have to wait till tomorrow...' he explained. 'Ok thanks...' I said to him.


I walked over to Roxy telling her what he told me. She sighed relieved. 'Ok good...then we have time to prepare...and sleep' she said. I laughed and suddenly ten million thoughts of Zayn popped into my head.


I kept seeing his handsome face in my mind smiling and all. I rubbed my arms thinking how it’s going to be when I actually meet him. I flicked my tongue over the rubber part of my braces remembering how I told all my friends that was our wedding ring...because of course I was Mrs Xena Malik. I smiled to myself as Roxy was still indecisive over Niall or Harry, just then another limo pulled up....



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