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gempearl_2430825 Lock
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March 2013

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Posted about 3 years ago
I am a monster, I know. I live and dwells in the darkness. I hid myself from daylight and goes out when the moon reigns over the sky. Needless to say, I am a beast in human form.
But before I became like this. I was Clara de Luna. A girl ever so innocent and cheerful. One smile on my face, and I can light up the whole room. 
But Clara was gone. And was replaced by another creature. A creature so vile that neither heaven nor hell would want.
But still, deep inside me, Clara was still here. Trying her best to take control over her body again. But how can I? How can I let Clara and the humane side of me prevail when a single drop of blood leave me breathless? Makes me go crazy and gives me this emptiness that nothing can fill.

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