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I glanced down at the small, delicate butterfly design on my left hand; it appeared as if I had a professional tattoo, but it was one of my own creations, drawn with Sharpie. I had spent my entire mathematics class sketching it across my pale skin, without Mrs. Bonn so much as glancing over at the back of the room, where I was gladly seated between two idiots tossing paper planes over my head. I suppose it was an upgrade from listening to Amanda Penrose - the most popular girl in school - complain about her history of dating.

The bell rang.

Time for 3rd Period.

I rose to my feet, snapping shut my blank textbooks. I flinched as the corner of the page slit the end of my finger, briefly shaking my hand as if I could shake away the pain in the process. I was at the door when I heard Mrs. Bonn, but I only stopped when I realised she was addressing me.

I didn't turn to face her.

"Don't think I failed to notice your lack of attention today, Ms. Chase".

"I've found myself distracted lately, Mrs. Bonn. What I miss, I will make up for next week".

"I'll see you in my office after school".

"I'm afraid I'll be busy at that time; my Mum will need me to babysit Aaron".

Aaron - my baby brother.

I hoped I'd get home in time before my Mum missed her appointment. She had been so secretive about it, especially since I noticed a sticky-post on the refrigerator and realised it wasn't a dentist appointment. Then again, she had always been secretive. My Dad, on the other hand, was only home between 12 and 6am, which meant I only really saw him very briefly in the morning.

I slowly turned to face Mrs. Bonn, my textbooks pressed against my chest.

"My office, Ms. Chase. After school".



* * *



"Detention? With Mrs. Bonn?"

I avoided eye contact with my best friend, Alexandra Evelyn, although I was mostly avoiding the question. I stacked my textbooks into my crammed locker, which was decorated with a large collection of my drawings and designs, resembling Alexandra's locker quite perfectly. Before 10th grade, when I first met Alexandra, I had never had a true friend, or anyone that shared my common interests. Neither of us fit into any clique or group, which was what made us work so well together.

I finally settled my gaze on her, swiftly closing my locker door.

"Straight after school. The same time I'm supposed to be babysitting Aaron".

She bit her bottom lip. Her medium-blonde braids dangled in her face, while the rest was tied back in a loose ponytail that ended at her waist. One of her hands were rested on her left hip, where her own gorgeous designs were drawn in Sharpie around her thumb and knuckles. She was wearing floral-patterned skinny jeans featuring a mixtures of pinks, purples, aquas and violets, lit up on a black background, and a white spaghetti-strap tank top. A number of jewels and memories hung from the necklace around her neck, including a crescent moon, representing new beginnings and the making of dreams into reality, and an old, medieval-style, silver key, which I had given her for her 15th birthday. I knew how much that necklace meant to Alexandra, and I knew she wore it every minute of every day.

"I'll come over and help you later", she offered, closing her own locker door, which was conveniently beside mine. "Do you want something to eat in the cafeteria?" she shrugged, already anticipating my response.

I pursed my lips casually. 




* * *



I sat opposite of Alexandra, a couple of stray apples, a Pepsi and a small fries sitting on my tray.

I could feel one of my braids unravelling, pulling them loose until my raven black hair was completely down and casual. Alexandra smiled widely, reaching across to my side of the table as she took a couple of the fries; we shared everything, so it didn't bother me. In fact, I barely even noticed.

What I did notice, was Alexandra staring at me.

"What? Did I drop a fry?"

She laughed, which made me feel a little better, and a little worse at the same time.

"Well? What's wrong?"

She hesitated, her blonde braids swaying gracefully.

"I saw your Dad today. I almost roller-skated into his G6".

I almost coughed up the fries ## ## #####.

My father was meant to be at work today.

According to him, he was meant to be at work every day, from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. I had always thought the hours were a little long, but I had never expected this. If he had the day off, he would have told my mother, and she would have called me on my second-hand cell-phone; instead, he was driving around in a -

That was when it really hit me.

My Dad didn't own a G6.

Did he?



* * *



I didn't have time to respond to the comment - not even in my own head; because before I knew it, Amanda Penrose had wandered over to our table.

"Hey, Annie", she smiled grimly.

My full name was Anastasia, and to be honest, I didn't enjoy the nickname that came with it, which of course, was why Amanda felt the need to use it.

"It's Anna, but that's okay", I responded, attempting to sound as polite as I possibly could around her.

"I know".

"Alexander, the gir-"

"It's Alexandra. Don't worry, you'll get it right eventually".

I almost snorted with laughter.

Amanda didn't seem to care if she addressed us by the wrong names or even the wrong gender; she wanted to get straight to the point. With a flick of her straight blonde hair, she had the attention of every guy in the cafeteria. Although when they realised there was nothing to see, they went back to their fries again.

"The girls are really interested in checking this out", she finished, snapping away the necklace from around Alexandra's neck in a swift motion.

That. Was. A. Mistake.

"Give that back!" Alexandra's expression was replaced with something new. Hurt … fear … I couldn't exactly put my finger on it. I stared at the necklace dangling from Amanda's fist, holding some of the most important things to Alexandra, all tangled up into one big knot - the crescent moon, the silver key, a Sharpie, an amethyst stone, the emerald ring her mother gave her before her passing, and so much more. I had a similar necklace hanging around my own neck, which was why I was clutching onto it in my left fist, as if it possessed some sort of magical power.

Then I did what any friend would do.

I let go.



* * *



"Hand over the necklace, before this goes to the headmaster", I was surprised at the strength in my tone.

I unfurled my fingers from my fist, outstretching my hand for the necklace.

It was swung out of my grip almost immediately.

I watched the tears welling up in Alexandra's ocean blue eyes, the pain and familiar sense of loss, this time over all her memories, including the only one left of her mother.

Now I was angry.

I was about to give new meaning to "If you touch my friends, all hell breaks loose".

"How about, hand it over, and I won't do this this again!" I snapped, throwing a punch at her face.

As the impact of my knuckles hit her nose, every window in the room shattered.

The ##### alarms went off and the sprinklers started, soaking the hair and clothes of everyone in the room. The guys didn't seem to mind the water. The girls, however, were shrieking and screaming about their brand new shoes and hairstyles. Then I realised what the biggest deal was.

There was a fire, and not just any fire, but one forming on Amanda's cardigan. She threw it aside with a squeal as if it was coated with bugs and spiders, screaming bloody murder.

Flames of blues, reds, oranges and so many other hidden colours were alive on her clothing.

As I moved closer to it, stamping on it as to put it out, it prickled against my skin, like a faint version of "Pins 'n' Needles". I could feel my cheeks heating up, but I wasn't sure if it was the fire or the embarrassment; the sense that everyone was looking at me.

I picked up Alexandra's necklace from the floor, carefully laying it in her hand. Her tears had burned out, and her expression was now a mixture of fear and awe.

The sprinklers set the flames out.

This time, I did what I would do.

I ran.

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I love how you give details to your story, and how you describe things there. I also love the story line. Good job! ^-^

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(Thanks! That means a lot Big Grin).


I had hid in the trees till the end of the day, sobbing with my knees up to my chest, my hair and clothes soaked with both the water and my tears. What was wrong with me? I forced myself into silence as the bell rang, and students sped out of the school, as if nothing had ever happened. They were all going to return home to their skateboards and labradors and Xbox and ice-cream.

I had to return home to my mother, who would find out about the occurrence soon enough, and would question me, because that was what she always did when something happened in the school. 

I had to return to my crying baby brother to change diapers and listen to him squealing about Elmo.

I had to return feeling like a complete outsider and freak, if that wasn't how I had always felt.

I glanced around the tree, only to see Alexandra waiting, as if she could somehow sense my presence. For all I knew, maybe she could.

At least twenty-five minutes passed, and finally she disappeared.

Things got worse for me.

Not only did I have to return to my house, but I had to now sit in Mrs. Bonn's office, listen to her complain about my actions - she had probably already heard about the fire, too - and try as hard as I possibly could, not to burst into tears, right then and there. Wiping away the remainders of my misery on my sleeve, I knocked and waiting for permission to entry her office.

I couldn't help thinking the same thing.

If only she hadn't answered.

"Come in".



* * *



At first, I expected something creepy; I thought perhaps Mrs. Bonn would be facing out her office window, back to me, because that was the sense you always got from Mrs. Bonn.

"Sit down".

I did.

She was facing me, her hands folded across her lap, but this just made it a different type of creepy.

"I'm sorry about my failure to acknowledge your teaching today, Mrs. Bonn".

But she wasn't interested about discussing that, and I understood why.

"You set fire in the cafeteria, according to your fellow students".

I didn't respond.

"You broke a number of windows".

I stopped, my ears ringing.

"Start talking, Ms. Chase. You have a lot to explain, now".

I didn't answer.

"Ms. Chase? If you cannot pay attention in class, at least pay attention here".

I still didn't answer.

"Ms. Chase".

I swallowed, and the ringing stopped.

"You weren't there when the fire or window-breaking occurred, Mrs. Bonn, and there are no facts that could have possibly caused you to suspect me, yet you speak as if I am a definite culprit".

I was looking at Mrs. Bonn differently now, in a way that showed I knew or suspected something I wasn't supposed to. Her eyes darkened slightly, flecks of hazel visible in her green eyes as the light reflected off them.

"Do not lie to m-"

I cut in before she could begin on her essay of Lying: It's A Bad Habit. "Actually, you're lying, Mrs. Bonn".

Then I saw something different in her expression.

Because she knew she was, too.



* * *



Mrs. Bonn watched as her student departed from the room.

A group of shadows in the corner forged together, twisting in tunnels of blackness and night, draining the light and gaining the shadows from the room. The air became black, filled with scents of dust and ash, as if a volcano had erupted in the office only two minutes ago. Tunnels of dust floated upwards, fighting to escape through the little stream of light flooding through the open window.

Mrs. Bonn wasn't bothered, but rather seemed more comfortable.

The dark finally took form, forging into the figure of a grown man.

There was a ring in his lip and eyebrow, and his skin was almost completely white, as was he completely bald, with not a string of hair visible on his scalp. His lips were pitch black, even as they curled up into a grim smirk, his equally black eyes lacking in thought. The only emotion there, was hatred, greed and cruelty. A five-point star was marked into the skin on his forehead, and a number of tribal tattoos were drawn across his shoulders.

Mrs. Bonn didn't glance back.

"Kill her, Vernon".

His smirk became a grin.

The window snapped shut.



* * *



I inhaled the fresh air as the cool atmosphere came in contact with my skin, reaching my fingers out to feel the wind slide between them. If it hadn't been for the fact I knew I had to rush home, be yelled at and babysit my little brother, and additionally, the realisation there was something extremely wrong with Mrs. Bonn - and myself, for that matter - I would've felt at complete peace and freedom.

The thoughts drifted away from me anyway, because before I knew it, a figure was rushing towards me from behind. I stifled a scream as a plain, push dagger missed me from behind, briefly grazing the edge of my shoulder. I spun round, but little did I know I would be staring into a pair of obsidian black eyes.

I ran into the woods; not because I thought I would be safe there, but because it was the closest place I could run to, and I wasn't going to dodge attacks from this "person" on the bus on the way home. 

Don't look back.

Don't look down.

Whatever you do, just keep running.

I felt the branches and thorns ahead snap in my face, but I ignored it, because I was focused on getting as far away possible from that man. My hair whipped back after me, occasionally ending up caught in a branch or leaf. 

My sneakers slipped in the thick mud, sending me stumbling forward into something, or someone else.

I collapsed on my chest, my eyes flickering up from the canvas sneakers before me, to the one they belonged to.




* * *



"What are you doing here? Hurry, run! He's chasing me", I insisted, aware she wouldn't understand.

"I know", she replied, which was something I hadn't expected.

"What? We have to get out of here - he attacked me, he tried to stab me -"

"I know, Anastasia".

What the hell was she doing?

Either I was insane or I was the only normal person on Earth … probably the first suggestion.

I brushed the dirt off the front of my blouse, bending my head over to grab a look at the bleeding graze across my shoulder.

The ground around us cracked suddenly, forming a circle surrounding the two of us. From the visible gaps in the rock, a barely visible substance rose, lining up with the perimeter of the broken ground. The walls of the substance rose higher and higher, until they crossed over at least eight metres above them and gradually sealed at the seams.

The man approached, recognising the substance immediately.

"Don't think you're safe from the dark, Guardian!" he growled, revealing rows of sharp, yellow teeth, before he disappeared in a minor explosion of black dust.

Before he disappeared, I caught sight of a mark in his forehead - in the shape of a star - which was carved into his skin in a perfect form.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest, barely believing what I had just seen.

"Who was that?" I managed to gasp, still catching my breath.

"What was that?" I changed my sentence.

"A Tracker".

"What's a Tracker?"

"They earned their name for their powerful ability to track their victims, following and chasing them through whatever realm, dimension or world they cross into. They are beings of the Dark; they kill their victims and drain them of their soul, travelling to the Underworld where they then place it in the flames, burning the spirit and preventing it from moving on to the Otherworld, or the Heavens".

I could've sworn my mouth was hanging open, or maybe that was just another delusion of my insanity.

"They control the shadows, night and darkness", Alexandra explained.

I felt my head going dizzy; my cheeks flushed.

"What's a Guardian?"

"Well, me. Guardians can create force-fields and mental shields, to protect their 'person'. It's my duty to look after you - that's what makes me a Guardian".

I almost pinched myself.

Instead, I blacked out.

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{ I really appreciate criticism, tips or opinions from everyone, so feel free smile }.

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You're welcome! ^-^

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Thats really good your description is great,
I wish i could make story's that great.

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(Aww, thanks! I'm sure you could write a story better than mine, though! :P).

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When I awoke, the sky was black beyond my bedroom window, the only light being the stars and moon alight in the darkness. I expected my mum to storm into the room and scream at me any minute, due to the importance she had placed in her "appointment". With everything that had been going on here, I wouldn't be surprised if she was going to visit Rumpelstiltskin and pay him to babysit Aaron, especially after how unreliable I had proven myself to be. 

I checked the watch around my wrist. 12:04 - Just after midnight. For some reason, I had the urge to check the cheap calendar hanging on my wall, which I had made myself on my laptop and embellished with my own designs, such as the one that was now fading on the back of my hand.

I felt a chill run down my spine as my fingers traced across the page, but rather than move to a date, my hand stopped at the year. 


I rushed to the bathroom mirror, turning the tap in a rapid motion. My hands were shaking as I splashed the cold water on my face, my heart pounding in my chest.

What if this really was 2082? What if in this crazy world I'd experienced lately, we'd somehow gone ahead of time. What if I was insane, and I had been sleeping for 80 years?

That was when I glanced up at the mirror, and screamed bloody murder, because I didn't even recognise myself; I was 96 years old.



* * *



I thrashed under the covers, throwing aside my quilt and the pillows beneath my head. I could feel beads of sweat forming across my forehead - and my entire body, for that matter - but I stopped as I had wrapped myself in the bed sheets, and tumbled onto the floor amongst them.

I prayed silently, scrambling to my feet and stumbling to the bathroom mirror.

I was 16 again.

"My reassurance, it was no more than a dream. Sebastien De' Lange, Madame".

I almost skidded across the bathroom floor, spinning round to see a figure seated in the chair by my bedroom window; he moved to his feet, disappearing from the shadows, which revealed his lightly tanned skin, shaggy, brown-black hair and blue eyes. He couldn't have been any older than 8, at about 4.0 feet in height, with a French accent and a pearl white grin.

"I come here on behalf of a Ms. Alexandra Evelyn, whom has additionally requested I accompany you, in temporary place of your Guardian".

I blinked; he was so well spoken for an 8 year old, if he was even that old.

"Not to be rude, but - aren't you still in primary school?"

"I do not attend school, Madame. I am part of a highly trained group, intended to take the place of a Guardian during their absence. At your services".

"Where's Alexandra?"

"The Otherworld".


"According to Madame De' Grace, she has been kidnapped and dragged into the Otherworld". He said it so calmly, as if it was of no importance or concern.

I, on the other hand, felt my vision speckled with black dots, and I almost collapsed on the floor.

"What? Alexandra? Alexandra Evelyn, my best friend?" I panicked, barely even taking a breath between my rapid speech. That was when I started to really freak out, and burst out into French.

"Vous me dites que mon meilleur ami a été entraîné dans l'au-delà? Par qui? Quand?! Pourquoi?!"

"Slow down, Madame. Breathe".

I felt my heartbeat gradually calm as oxygen flooded into my lungs.

"Tell me everything".



* * *



"She was taken last night. No trace was left of her kidnappers. Madame De' Grace informed her superior, who sent a ######### to search for Ms. Evelyn. The ######### returned with tattered clothes, broken bones, blood-stains and even spinal injuries, claiming he barely escaped the Otherworld, but managed to find a broken seam in the Portals to slide through a vortex. He mentioned catching a glimpse of Ms. Evelyn in the prison cells, but saving her would be an impossible task. Apparently a group has formed in the Otherworld. They are linked with a team of scientists. Their victims are either experimented on or imprisoned as slaves. The victims seem to only be beings such as Alexandra - Guardians, Pyrokinetics, Illusionists …"

"Are you telling me Alexandra is going to either become a slave or a lab-rat?"

"Quite exactly".

I collapsed back on my bed, hardly able to believe the words I was hearing. Maybe this was just another dream? I pinched the back of my wrist, hard, blinking repeatedly at the same time. Nothing happened, except a purple bruise forming on my skin.

My eyes stopped as they caught the palm of Sebastien's hand. There was a mark burnt into his skin, in the shape of a five-point star, crisscrossing into form. I recognised it - the mark of the Tracker that had chased me earlier.

"You didn't tell me you're a Tracker", my eyes were a dark shade of green; darker than I expected.

"I'm not. I am Mortal, Madame - simply involved in the other worlds - made of flesh and blood, just like you".

"You're all Mortal? You don't have any powers or abilities?"



"Not exactly".

Why was I not surprised …



* * *



"I have … one, ability".

"What is that?"

He actually seemed to look modest and reluctant for a moment, which was a change from his smug expression.

"Dimensional Travel … and, Teleportation. But my powers are limited - I've had practice with them, but they require more concentration than I sometimes have to offer". His eyes shone with honesty and regret, as if he was ashamed of himself.

I hesitated. I fished into my pocket, finding my spare Artline pen. I grabbed my beige, canvas rucksack by my bed, rummaging through it in search of some material to write on. A crinkled piece of parchment found its way into my hand. I scribbled down the mark I had noticed on Sebastien's hand, which caused him to peer over my shoulder, his forehead creasing into a frown.

He closed his hand into a fist when he realised where I had copied it from, seating himself in the corner-of-the-room-chair again.

"Tell me what this means". I held the paper up, facing it towards him. "I've seen it before - on a Tracker in the east woodlands by my school - and I know it means something important".

He didn't answer.

"Tell me, what it means. If you are truly at my services as you mentioned, then I command you to explain".

"It doesn't work that way".

My eyes softened at the slightest, and my expression followed soon after. "Please tell me".

He hesitated again, outstretching a steady hand. "Give me that piece of paper".



* * *



Sebastien ran the end of the pen along each point of the star as he flattened the parchment out on a rustic desk. "Here. Each point represents a world. Each world isn't set in the same time. Here on Earth, we are in the Modern Times, but in another world, they could be experiencing a time somewhat like the Middle Ages or even the Ice Age". He circled the first point, repeating the action with the following four. "The first is Astria, the second is Seleste, and the third is Evettside. Then there is Oceane, and finally, Mortalle - that's your world, and the source of the word, Mortal". He proceeded to draw another circle around the entire star, and stopped once again, revealing the mark on his open hand. "This is a sign formed when a being of some manner of magical or supernatural power has chosen their fate - to take the path of light or dark - once they have made their choice, there is no turning back".

I stared at the mark, a million questions wandering through my mind. "Why would someone choose to become dark when they could be light?"

"If they are bound to the light, they have made a promise to perform good. Those who break their promise will pay consequences, differing to each individual. Not everyone would be willing to commit to light for their entire life … never being able to do anything considered dark or wrong. Sometimes people need the ability to be dark. Those who choose to be dark can act on any path they wish; they can do anything they desire. There are no boundaries to darkness. Others see it as complete freedom".

I arched an eyebrow, wishing all my questions could be answered so thoroughly. 

"What's the catch?"

"Nothing, except the darkness will fight to take over. It will act as a loss of control … you'll do and say things you usually wouldn't …"

I stared down at the ground in silence, rearranging the questions in my head. My raven black hair blended in with the darkness, contrasting with my pale skin, which seemed even paler beneath the moonlight streaming through the open window.

"Which did you choose?"

My expression held a mixture of sympathy and regret, for more than one reason. First, because I realised how difficult it must be for an 8 year old boy to choose his own fate. And second, because I already knew the answer to my own question.


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Great story. I liked the way you put stars to show a new chapter ( a new part.) Did the stars mean that it is also a new day of the story, too ? Big Grin

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"RawrSkittles=)" wrote:

I love how you give details to your story, and how you describe things there. I also love the story line. Good job! ^-^

same,its really descriptive,helping the reader really gt into the details of the things going on,thats what a good writer does,i will make the conclusion that  youre a good writer

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One of my favorite animes

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