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Ok here is a short story i wrote about a girl who middle school to her is a torture chamber. 

     Brrrrrriiiiiinnnngggg!!!!!!! This was one of the only things Cass loved about school: when the bell rings. She dreaded sitting in a small room with lots of people and a teacher who throws questions at you like a knife thrower throwing knives at his assistant. She ran out of the room with her books to her chest and her eyes looking down at her feet. She sped to the girl's restroom and opened the door just a little so she could peek inside. It was a rush in there with girl's squirting perfume and smooching their lips. She quickly ran past them all and entered a stall. She put her books down and used the restroom. She stayed in there for about 15 minutes when she picked up her books, unlocked the door, washed her hands and walked out of the restroom. She opened the door and saw the halls were empty. She looked to the left and gasped. Tina Williams, the most popular girl in school's boyfriend Chad was standing against the wall. " I've been waiting for you, Cass," he said in the most romantic voice she had ever heard. He pushed her against the wall and said this " I've been wanting to get together with you and maybe hang out later,". Being small, she bent down under his arms and ran away in panic. He started to run and soon caught up to her. He gave her a long smooch and gave her his number. She blushed and sped away in fear. She heard Tina was strong and if she found out she had kissed Chad what would she do to her?


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nice story!

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