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If I died young.

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July, 2013
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if I died young.....would you even miss me...would you even cry, would you sit down and ask yourself why? Would you think it was just a waste, should you wonder about all the haste. But if you looked at me...there is somthing you didn't see...didn't relies...that every time you looked into my eyes...I had already died a thousand times couldn't see never looked at me...your gaze went over my heard never a single word I said... You never saw my tears..even after all these years you didn't see my scars you didn't feel my heart you didn't here my silent screams or even mourn the death of my dreams you didn't see the light in my eyes fade did you even made a mistake? I was just an empty shell...but you couldn't even tell  there was nothing left...only I was left buried but it's to late you had chose your fate and as I long for death as I wait for my final breath don't cry and don't ask yourself why cause on the inside and out I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU

~ emie

If I died young.

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August, 2013
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Very interesting and well-written. Thumbs up!


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