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The Terrifying Adventure Chapter 2!

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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After me and Jason had fun, I showed him my dark and spooky cellar. The cellar had many scary and terrifying things in there. There were rats and spiders that made cobwebs all over the walls and the ceiling, and there was also loads of practical wicked horror toys that were ancient and that I had had when I was little.
I heard a scary noise, " what's that?!" I shrieked.
" What's what?" Jason said confusingly.
'' Th- Th- Th.... THAT NOISE!" I screamed. 
" I heard it too but I don't know what it was myself either". Jason answered back at me anxiously.
" That sounded like it was coming from the cellar" I said to Jason as I closed the Cellar door anxiously.
Therefore, we decided to examine the pitch-black underground environment carefully, making sure without any doubt that there wasn't anything haunted. 
As we walked closer and closer into the room, Jason and I were literally terrified and timid as we saw a rat, a monster and an enormous spider! The rat was furry and it was brunette-coloured and it was extremely tall for a rat but however, the rat was slim. The monster was furry and was the colour of mauve and it had humongous feet like a television screen, ears shaped as a half-cut hole, arms like any ordinary pathway and surprisingly, it had very tiny red-coloured eyes and had such a thin stomach! And last of all, the spider ha huge green beady eyes- though it was a dark spider. As dark as the colour of midnight. 
So, we timidly glanced at the creatures and suddenly, it started crawling; even the monster inherited the spider and the rat as it rapidly crawled out of the door! I looked at the animals, including the monster bewildered as we both didn't realize that the door was actually opened. And also, we followed them through the long hallway in the house; out of the cellar and it smashed the door too- ready to escape...
Thank you for reading chapter two and please stay tuned for chapter three! 


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