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August, 2013
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It's so dark
And i'm all alone
With no one to cherish
And no one to hold
In the dark I sit
Questioning my sanity
Am I insane?
Or maybe i'm the only sane one here
I can't take it!
The quietness
Just me alone
I'm not alone
It's just me and the dark
The dark whispers
Whispers things I don't want to hear
I try to block it out 
But it's everywhere
Everywhere I turn
There's nothing
Nothing but darkness
So I give up
Let the insanity take me
Let the devil have me
Let him eat my soul
Because I know there's no one 
No one to save me 
No one to hold
So forever I sit
Me and the dark 

How was it? I wrote this while feeling pretty depressed and half of it I don't remember writing so i'm not sure if it's any good....Hope it's okay smile

Poetry... Save my soul.

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December, 2013
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That was really good. I have those dark periods too, I just get depressed and write poetry. Yeah... it's weird.

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May, 2014
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Yesh. Same. I'm falling back into 
those dark periods where everyone 
is ignoring me and I write a random 
poem or something. Frustrated 
Thank you guys for inspiring me. 
It really wring out all the emotion. smile

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November, 2014
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Beautiful fountains, why do you cry? Your tears flow down the hill.. 

The sound of your tears, they wallow in my despair. Forever you cry, forever you weep. 
Does the sun shine you happiness? Does the wind blow your tears away?
Your tears are cold, never warm. They fall so heavily, each and every more.

Beautiful fountains, why do you cry? 
I can’t wipe your tears away for they’d fall so heavily, each and every time. They’d keep falling, flowing down the hill one say your tears will dry one day you’ll see happiness.

I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity~

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