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                      My heart was beating faster and faster as my feet were pattering against the cold mud. I could here someone coming after me, i started to run faster but i knew i couldn't run anymore i had to stop but not knowing if he was behind me or not. My feet had already started to bleed but the mud made an exception for me to keep running. My legs couldn't do it anymore, i tripped, as soon as i tripped i turned around the man was not there. I had no idea were he was so i tried to get up but I couldn't it hurt to bad, my legs were deceiving me. About a half hour of me trying to get up, I started to notice that, i was basically lost i n a forest. All these worries and what ifs started to pop in my head, what if i dont make it out of this forest alive, will anyone come looking for me, were is that man. I could feel the strength coming back to my legs so i got up and looked around to see which direction i would be heading, so i can get out of this hell hole. I was basically walking around like a lost puppy, i heard a crackle and then a pop i started to run and then run faster not even knowing if it was just a little bunny even, but i did not want to find out the hard way, i came upon a cliff, a ledge i did not know what to do should i jump or turn around. As i turned around there he was, the man, that evil,killing man. I was...... I was shocked, paralyzed. His dark brown eyes staring into mine, his face covered in a tore up and dirty clown mask. He pushed me, off of the cliff, right the and there i realized that this couldn't be real it had to be a dream at least. BAM i hit the ground, blacked out as soon as i hit the mountain side. My vision was blurry when i opened my eyes, i saw something it shaped out as a figured it was the man but it was nothing. I sat up and looked around it was maybe 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning. I tried to get up but it hurt way to much. I lay there cold wet miserable, just wishing someone or something could put me out of my misery. I closed my eyes and just laid there. Then i heard a noise, i sat up and looked nothing, then i heard it again, still nothing. I saw a figure then i started to get scared, but when i saw a team of paramedics and my husband running toward me i just started crying immediately, tears of joy. My husband came up to  me and said " Are you ok, are u hurt" i replied" No, i am fine i just might have every bone in my body broken, can we go  to a hospital now i am hurting a lot, please". "Yes, lets go" replied her husband the paramedics lifted me onto the gurney which was pure torture already but, i was just glad i was going to be able to go home after a really long time in the hospital. I would always never forget this moment, i would like to know who that man was and what he wanted but all will be ok for now.    TO BE CONTINUED.............................................................

~ Alize

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